Monday, October 7, 2013

Mozambican media leaders successfully complete strategy course

By Peter du Toit

The Sol Plaatje Institute was delighted with the results of its first course for emerging media leaders in Maputo when all 13 of the course participants successful completed the post-course assessment and qualified for the course certificate.

The Emerging Media Leaders’ Course (EMLC) is offered by the Institute as part of a partnership with the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), which is responsible for a substantial media strengthening programme in Mozambique that is supported by the United States Agency for International Development.

The course, which has a strong focus on strategic planning, covered marketing, human resource management, financial management and leadership. All participants were required to complete a substantial assessment task in which they related the lessons learned to their individual work environments.

Having finalized the assessment of the participants’ assignments, course facilitator Carlos Henriques said: "I am delighted to have worked with such a solid group of young media professionals. They have shown a high level of engagement during practical training and the final work they produced was of good quality.”

He said all of the participants had demonstrated at an academic level that they had the potential to contribute to the “growth, development and sustainability of their organisations” but they needed the opportunity to “actively participate in the strategic management of their organizations and be able to be pragmatically effective in leading and managing specific operational areas with results”.

He said the course seemed to have benefitted participants by giving them a set of “highly effective tools and techniques that they can use to develop and implement wining strategies that work and produce results".

IREX-Mozambique Chief of Party Arild Drivdal was not surprised that all of the participants had qualified for the Certificate in Media Management for Emerging Media Leaders.

He said: “Participants in the Emerging Media Leaders’ training exhibited a very high level of motivation and commitment to the learning process. They worked hard, systematically and practically without rest.

“Several of the participants started implementing the lessons learnt in their organizations immediately after the course. The participants showed great determination and dedication in their work and were clearly motivated by the opportunity to learn new skills and see them applied in practice. For many, the course was somewhat of a transformative experience, from a business management point of view.”

SPI Deputy Director Peter du Toit, who was responsible for writing up the course, said it was gratifying that the participants had taken the process seriously. He said the SPI would offer four similar courses between now and the end of next year and an additional advanced course.

“This was a great way to start the process,” Du Toit said.


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