About Us

SPI. Media Leadership is at the forefront of reporting on, analysing and discussing a diverse range of issues impacting media leadership and management and journalism and journalism training within and outside Africa. We hope that our blog will provide a key platform for media managers, media experts, media commentators, writers and journalists and ordinary folk to discuss, debate, theorise and reflect on these issues.

Some of the issues may be serious stuff while others may be of a light-hearted manner. We welcome these and many others for insights that inform both discourse and direction in an industry where emerging technologies such as digital media are constantly re-drawing and re-defining the work of journalists and media managers and how media companies will survive.

Rhodes University’s Sol Plaatje Institute (SPI) is the only university-level institution in Africa and in much of the developing world which offers high-level editorial and business training programmes to both practising and aspirant media leaders.

Our training programmes and courses combine cutting-edge theory, research and practice in buttressing our firm belief in ‘learning by doing’, also known as action learning.

If you are interested in writing for this blog, please use the contact link below and drop us an email.